We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly embracing one another.

When you are doing things together, you are inside the collective mind, and share psychic knowledge with each other. That is how you become one.
Sri Dharma Mittra

It’s been a pretty rough summer. All of my core issues rising up to the surface against the backdrop of my soulmate’s aging mother and his and his siblings’ efforts to find her the long-term care she needs against her wishes. Watching my loved ones rip open old wounds and play out their childhood traumas was not easy. There was no sage smudge stick large enough to clear the air. Some days, all I could do was curl up in a ball, clutch my mala beads, repeat the mantra for world peace “Om Namo Narayanaya” and draw on the collective light and unconditional love of my DC Dharma sisters. And this last one is no small thing.

One of the great benefits of going deeper into your spiritual practice is the powerful community of truth seekers, the spiritual family, the “satsang” that embraces you. A few months ago, one of my DC Dharma sisters created a text message group. In the group are women in their 30s and 40s, women who are single and divorced, new mothers and mothers with teenagers.

We share everything, little things and big life events. It is a rolling judgment-free zone, a radiant bubble of support that surrounds you wherever you go. My experience informs my sisters’ experience. My sisters’ experience informs my own. There is grace, lots of grace. We are mirrors of light to each other in our ups and downs on our journey to self-realization.

When we practice in the same room together it is a beautiful, transformative experience. It is like being in the presence of the guru. You feel you are the portion of God that dwells in the right side of your heart in the center of your chest. You feel you are your sisters. You are love. You are light. You are one with the universe.

Yesterday at the Lovelight Festival Dharma-ji said “Don’t worry when your mommy dies. You will be with her again. Be happy for her that she gets a new body.” He was speaking to all of us, but he was speaking directly to one of my DC Dharma sisters, whose mother passed away last night. We are all chanting the Mantra for Purification through our tears and holding our dear sister and her family in our hearts praying for her mother’s safe passage.

My dear sweet sister, so full of grace and strength and love, this post is dedicated to you.